Consistency, Hope, Aspiration, Motivation, Perseverance

I have been wanting to start a new blog in order to assist myself with focusing on my goals and furthering my self-improvement. I was puzzling over what to call the blog and so I started to write down some key words that connect to my goals and so I decided to create an acronym of several of words that I plan to focus on as I continue my life-long journey to self-improvement.

My history is as such, I have always been a bit on the chubby side and felt bullied at times because of it. Looking back I was really not that overweight but because of the way I was treated I feel that my perceptions and internal feelings are often skewed. I lost weight in an unhealthy manner in my late teens and early 20s, then went back up again after getting a depo shot, then up even higher after a pregnancy and a crappy marriage. I managed to lose weight in a healthy way a couple of times but it crept back on again.

A couple of years ago my weight had crept back up again and I decided to take control of the situation. I took baby steps and started to change the way I ate as well I went for lots of short walks on my breaks and did crunches and other calisthenics in my office at work. I joined a community called My Fitness Pal which was a great tool to help me stay on task. It is a community where you can add friends for support as well as track food and exercise. I was able to get within 10lbs of my goal then I got complacent, started eating chocolate left and right and stopped exercising.

I haven’t gained it all back, but I did put on about 20lbs in the past year and I want to get back to where I was. Having said that I don’t really want to focus simply on numbers and counting calories. I think that worked for me when I needed to know more about what I should be eating in a day as I didn’t really know what a correct daily intake should look like. This time I want to focus more on healthy and clean eating and getting back into fitness as a way to enjoy my life more. I want to take on more hiking and when the winter comes I am very excited to continue to improve my skiing (just started skiing a couple of years ago). I also want to get into backpacking again and I have a few trips in mind that I want to do.

I really believe that we all need to continually work towards making ourselves better, however we choose to make that happen is up to us. I plan to come on here frequently and write about my feelings, my plans and also to share recipes and health and nutrition information. I am excited about the future and I am ready to make great things happen!


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